Turkish blast Several dead as Kayseri bus hit

Multiple people happen to be wiped out and much more wounded by a surge near a bus within the central Turkish town of Kayseri, security services say.

Public transit was transporting off-duty soldiers, based on reports, and it was opposite a college campus once the explosion happened.

Turkey’s Dogan news agency stated the blast was the result of a vehicle explosive device.

The explosion comes per week after 44 everyone was wiped out with a explosive device attack in Istanbul claimed by Kurdish militants.

TV images demonstrated public transit reduced to some smouldering wreck through the blast.

Poultry has endured a number of bombings in 2016 as a result of both Kurdish militants and jihadists.

Angolan rapper jailed for rebellion

A number one Angolan rapper remains sentenced to five-and-a-half years jail time for arranging a rebellion against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Luaty Beirao was sentenced having a court inside the capital Luanda along with 16 other activists who’ve been given jail regards to between two and eight years

Amnesty Worldwide mentioned these were sentenced having a kangaroo court

The 17 were arrested in June after speaking in regards to a magazine about non-violent resistance within their book club

Mr dos Santos has ruled oil-wealthy Angola since 1979

Beirao commonly known as by his stage name Ikonoklasta remains an blunt critic in the government having a lighter distribution in the southern African states oil wealth

He released right into a 5-week hunger strike in September in protest at his detention

The judge billed him of rebellion in the president in the republic criminal association and falsifying documents AFP news agency reviews

The trial had motivated global outrage with legal legal rights groups saying it shown that Mr dos Santos government was becoming a lot more repressive within the tries in which to stay power

Human Legal legal rights Watch mentioned the choice will be a absurd scandal while Amnesty Worldwide described the defendants on Twitter as crooks of conscience who had previously been uncovered with a kangaroo court trial [which] violated worldwide standards

Prosecutors defended the arrests quarrelling the 17 were planning an uprising among students and employees with incalculable effects

The jailed activists who belonged with a youth movement had formerly held demos demanding the resignation of Mr dos Santos who has existed power for 36 years

Their book club had spoken concerning the 1993 book by Gene Sharp referred to as From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

Angola is Africas second-greatest oil producer and contains observed a monetary boom since the finish from the civil war in 2002

However experts in the selected government the wealth has only accomplished good results just a little elite

Who’s Gene Sharp?

Gene Sharp can be a US academic who researches non-violent revolution

He’s credited while using strategy which introduced for the toppling of Egypts extended-time leader Mubarak this season

His most converted and distributed work From Dictatorship to Democracy was written for your Burmese democratic movement in 1993 following a incarceration of Aung San Suu Kyi

Gene Sharp: Author in the nonviolent revolution rulebook

What next for China’s property market

Exactly what does Wang Shi founder and chairman of China Vanke the mobile phone industry’s greatest home builder by revenue model of Chinas overheated property market?

When prospective purchasers go into the 900home development Seaside Home along a method of Grecian posts their eyes are intended to be attracted to 3 sports athletes chiselled from fake bronze

At Starry Olympic City another development at the statues have pouting art deco women

If this involves putting the frozen town of Yingkou close to the border with North Korea around the style map the designers aren’t lacking ambition

Only one factor is missing

There arent any prospective purchasers Actually you will find no people here whatsoever

No cars around the eightlane streets nobody within the Olympicthemed sports center As dark descends light stands out only in the Happy Pizza Hut Yingkous brush with western cuisine Whole apartment blocks are black

Nobody wants to reside about this side from the river describes a homeowner from the nearby old town Its too not even close to everything You will find no jobs Its an entire waste of cash

Among Yingkous designers ambition has provided method to desperation They admit independently theyve only offered a small fraction of their stock

None would risk speaking openly however i obtain a rare chance to sit down lower with Wang Shi founder and chairman of Vanke the mobile phone industry’s biggest home builder by sales

Its a genuine problem he concedes Many metropolitan areas come with an oversupply of housing

Wangs company Vanke also offers an improvement at Yingkou

Harbour City promises a life-style more sunkissed California than bleak northeast China You simply live once You’ll need a holiday teases a billboard

Wang confesses the work has faced difficulties but demands sales arent bad though my request to go searching was nicely rejected

To some greater or lesser extent every Chinese city is ringed by empty developments Many will eventually become filled as well as the likes of Yingkou thats surely impossible

Chinas housing binge during the last couple of years continues to be without parallel in history For some time it compensated off as construction drove breakneck economic growth But way too much was built as well as in the incorrect places

Wang Shi appears unconcerned

In the western world if your city faces financial hardships itll go under However in China metropolitan areas is going to be subsidised through the Secretary of state for Finance So some small , mediumsized metropolitan areas arent concerned about going bankrupt They figure the central government will assist them out

It is really an remarkable assertion from the major Chinese developer: that companies and native government authorities can spend safe within the understanding that Beijing will open its wallet when they encounter difficulty

However this free investing by local government authorities has assisted inflate the greatest debt bubble in world history also it cant continue forever

Now Wang Shi calls on China to deal with its economic problems And that he wants his company Vanke to assist develop a better future

We’ve influence That prompts now you ask , this influence there to create an item to promote? Or will it mean social responsibility assisting to shape the way forward for the marketplace?

Vankes headquarters in Shenzhen in southeast China provides a taste of Wangs vision A vertical glass and steel skyscraper: leading edge radical low carbon Hes pioneering the introduction of prefabricated and lowcarbon structures

My next goal is perfect for Shenzhen to get the type of environmentallyfriendly and sustainable development

1951: Born in 1951 Guangxi Province China

1977: Graduated having a bachelor’s degree in the Water Supply and Drainage Faculty from the College of Lanzhou

1984: Established the Shenzhen Modern Scientific Education Equipment Distribution Center the predecessor of China Vanke

1988: Grew to become chairman and gm of China Vanke

1999: Resigned as gm of China Vanke but continued to be as chairman

2003: Arrived at the summit of Mount Everest the earliest Chinese national to do this

2005: Effectively trekked towards the South and north Rods

2010: Arrived at the summit of Mount Everest again breaking their own record

20112013: Going to scholar at Harvard

Its a shrewd move making use of the increasing frustration gone through by Chinas urban middle-class at increasing pollution levels

But because problems mount across Chinas property market Vankes profits have slowed down Their borrowing cost is rising recommending loan companies will also be now more careful

But Vanke is within rude health in comparison with other more compact designers In Yingkou Seaside Home continues to be left like a bare concrete spend never completed Local people the developer fled wanted through the police Character is claiming back the Grecian posts and also the sports athletes

Eventually our exterminator will come a place where designers banks and native government authorities have to understand that an essential part from the existing inventory [of empty housing] must be removed states Credit Suisses China property analyst Jinsong Du

But clearly which will have implications for the entire economic climate Unhealthy debt held by many people Chinese banks will skyrocket considerably

As the chance of a banking crisis develops its no real surprise that Wang Shi is searching for new possibilities abroad

He confesses he’s motivated partially by the requirement for safer opportunities to balance his higherrisk Chinese ones Hes also reacting towards the demands of Chinese clients looking forward to houses in western marketplaces

We’re creating an worldwide network: Bay Area New You are able to London Berlin Paris We’re focusing on china market because they buy overseas

The organization has purchased a stake within the Stage a 40floor development around the fringe of the town based in london Wanda another major Chinese developer is building among the highest residential structures in the european union at Nine Elms in South London

But tend to this rush of Chinese property investment be harmful for that United kingdom deepening British contact with the next Chinese property crash?

Credit Suisses Jinsong Du states this can be a valid concern though he thinks china government will honor warranties its greatest designers when they encounter difficulty

However for just how much longer? The danger for overseas property marketplaces is the fact that Chinese traders might include hidden strings attached reaching completely to the ghost cities of China

Our Planet: The Truly Amazing Chinese Crash? With Robert Peston is on BBC Two on Wednesday 17 Feb at 22:00 GMT or see it through the BBC iPlayer

North Korea’s biggest export giant statues

North Korea doesnt have much the world wants to buy but one very successful export has been its art The BBCs Lawrence Pollard looks at an unlikely story of North Korean cultural influence and its success in Africa in particular

It may surprise you to know that North Korea would love to carry out your artistic commissions How about a mural a tapestry or a jewel painting coloured with powdered semi-precious stones?

Or something a bit more imposing like a giant bronze statue of that dictator or liberator close to your heart? The Mansudae Art Studio is keen to hear from you

Founded in 1959 it caters for North Koreas considerable domestic propaganda needs The huge statues murals and banners you see being dutifully applauded at military processions – as well as the poster images that surround North Korean daily life – are all made by its 4000 staff

Its in the heart of Pyongyang Mansudae is the name of the district says Pier Luigi Cecioni an Italian who is the sole representative of the art factory to the outside world Actually its more of a campus than a factory more of a studio the biggest in the world

Theyve just produced a giant embroidery for the Benetton fashion family and fitted out a museum in Cambodia but its in Africa that Mansudae Overseas Projects (MOP) has found the keenest appetite for its work

The export of this bold direct firmly authoritarian style began in the early 1980s as a diplomatic gift to socialist or non-aligned countries from their North Korean brothers More recently its become a valuable source of hard currency with artists and craftsmen from MOP working in Angola Benin Chad the Democratic Republic of Congo Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia and Togo Local media in Zimbabwe report there are two giant Robert Mugabes in storage waiting to commemorate his death And most famously in Senegal the giant African Renaissance Monument was cast on site by Mansudae craftsmen and dedicated in 2010 Its estimated that the studio has earned tens of millions of dollars in this way

North Korean art seems to appeal to African leaders for two reasons First because the price is right Senegal paid for its 49m-high (161ft) statue by giving some land to the North Koreans – who immediately sold it for cash

The second reason is the style The Russians and Chinese dont make that kind of stuff any more says art critic William Feaver The appeal is in the statement of the obvious – and of course size is everything He sees enthusiasm for the style as part of a nation-building process You could think of Mount Rushmore as the American version performing a similar celebration of founding fathers for a relatively new nation keen to assert itself in the world

Just outside the Namibian capital Windhoek is a vast parade ground grandstand and war memorial to that countrys independence struggle – Heroes Acre is another Mansudae Overseas Project Its a giant obelisk above an 11m-high (36ft) bronze statue of the Unknown Soldier – bearing a strong resemblance to Namibias first President Sam Nujoma says the BBCs Frauke Jensen No visitors no tourist buses just a solitary baboon sitting on the side running away as I approached the steps up to the monument

President Nujoma would of course have had a hand in the decision to honour the Unknown Soldier so maybe its a case of killing two birds with one bronze

Whoever he looks like at least the Unknown Soldier looks African The then Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade complained that the giant figures in Dakar initially looked too Asian and had them redone The recent (2011) statue of Samora Machel in Maputo Mozambique isnt thought to be a good portrait and Laurent Kabila in Kinshasha DRC (2001) seems to wear an outfit from the Kims tailor

These statues look like theyre made to be toppled says historian Adrian Tinniswood And they look weirdly North Korean Theyre statements of liberation but they represent a failure of confidence – where are the African designers and African sculptors whod be better representing African consciousness?

But what of those North Korean designers and North Korean sculptors and their consciousness? Are they frustrated Picassos forced to churn out party-line art?

Pier Luigi Cecioni has taken some of them round major Italian galleries They know a lot about the classics he says Abstract and conceptual art they find amusing Theyre not scornful or anything like that they just dont see it as necessary They have an enviable position you know – unlike a Western artist they dont have to worry about selling their work they have a salary They are recognised and have privileges The ones I know they seem to live happily they feel part of something

You get a glimpse of their world through the website run by Cecioni It shows quite a variety of medium and subject matter with a bias towards flowers and soldiers These highly skilled craftsmen largely anonymous working for a higher good and not interested in profit inhabit a very different world from artists elsewhere – and not one many would envy

But if your taste – ironic or otherwise – leads you to want a statue in the classic bronze-giant-hailing-a-taxicab pose then who you gonna call?


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Up to four million Zika cases predicted

3 to 4 million people might be have contracted Zika virus within the Americas this season the planet Health Organization (WHO) forecasts

Most won’t develop signs and symptoms however the virus spread by nasty flying bugs continues to be associated with brain defects in infants

Meanwhile the united states states it wishes to start vaccine tests in people through the finish of the season

WHO director general Dr Margaret Chan stated Zika choose to go from the mild threat to 1 of alarming proportions

She provides a Zika emergency team following the explosive spread from the virus

It’ll meet on Monday to determine whether Zika ought to be treated like a global emergency

The final time an worldwide emergency was declared was for that Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has wiped out greater than 11000 people

Zika: What you ought to know

Zika was initially detected in Uganda in 1947 but hasn’t triggered an episode about this scale

South america reported the very first installments of Zika in South Usa in May 2015

Many instances lead to no signs and symptoms which is difficult to test for but WHO authorities stated between 500000 and 15 million people have been infected in the united states

Herpes has since spread to greater than 20 nations in the area

Simultaneously there’s been a high increase in amounts of microcephaly – babies born with abnormally small heads – and also the rare central nervous system disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome

The hyperlink between your virus which disorders is not confirmed but Dr Chan stated it had been strongly suspected and it was deeply alarming

And she or he cautioned the problem could yet deteriorate because this years El Nino weather designs are required to improve bug populations greatly in lots of areas

The BBCs David Shukman confirming from Recife in north-east South america stated doctors were overcome by installments of microcephaly

One hospital around town choose to go from coping with typically five cases annually to 300 previously six several weeks

Earlier doctors writing within the Journal from the Ama stated Zika had explosive pandemic potential and stated the WHOs failure to do something quickly on Ebola most likely cost 1000’s of lives

Inside a statement towards the executive board meeting from the WHO Dr Chan stated: The amount of problem is high out of the box the amount of uncertainty

Questions abound – we have to acquire some solutions rapidly

For those these reasons I’ve made the decision to convene an urgent situation Committee

I’m asking the Committee for suggestions about the right degree of worldwide concern as well as for suggested measures that needs to be carried out in affected nations and elsewhere

Authorities in the US National Institute of Health stated they’d two potential Zika vaccines in development

One that’s according to an experimental West Earth vaccine might be repurposed for Zika and enter clinical tests through the finish of 2016 Dr Anthony Fauci from NIH stated

He stated talks were already happening with pharmaceutical companies however a vaccine wouldn’t be broadly available for quite some time

Meanwhile Dr Anne Schuchat in the Cdc confirmed there was 31 installments of Zika in the united states – all linked to go to the impacted areas

In a news conference Whitened House spokesperson Josh Serious stated the countrys reaction to herpes to date have been in conjuction with the type of threat that may be available

At this time within the U . s . States the chance of an illness spread by nasty flying bugs is very low the The month of january temps in The United States are very inhospitable towards the bug populations

But clearly thats likely to change he added

Dr Carissa Etienne the regional-director for that WHO Pan American Health Organization stated the hyperlink between your irregularities and Zika was not confirmed

But she added: We can’t tolerate the possibilities of more babies being born with nerve along with other malformations people these days facing the specter of paralysis

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Zika: What you ought to know

The worst day’s my existence

Japan reopens radiation-hit town

(mudanya escort) Japan is inviting citizens revisit an urban area evacuated this year following the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster

Naraha may be the first town to permit individuals to return permanently following numerous years of purification work

However, many appear at first sight not prepared to return and just a portion have came back in short stays since an effort period started in April

The Fukushima Daiichi plant experienced a number of meltdowns carrying out a massive earthquake and tsunami

Following the disaster all Narahas 7400 citizens moved out

The city about 20km (12 miles) south from the nuclear plant is viewed as an evaluation situation for that return of evacuated citizens

Some 100000 people in the region continue to be not able revisit their houses

Government bodies in Naraha are giving individuals with products to check on radiation levels and also have been repairing local services including shops and treatment centers

Naraha Mayor Yukiei Matsumoto stated the lifting from the evacuation order only agreed to be a start

The time which was stopped has started to tick he stated

Former citizens held a vigil to mark the rebirth from the town

But based on one survey just 46% of citizens say they aspire to return

Probably the most effective earthquakes ever recorded struck from the coast of Japan in March 2011 triggering an enormous tsunami Almost 16000 people died and most 2500 continue to be listed as missing

No deaths however happen to be from the nuclear disaster although there have been numerous deaths within the subsequent evacuation

After guilty plea, former Redflex CEO could face up to five years in prison

The prior Boss of Redflex a substantial red-colored-colored light camera vendor pleaded guilty on Thursday to bribery of Chicago city government bodies incorporated inside a substantial contracting bid

Karen Finley might be the 2nd of three accused to plead guilty to such charges The program wound up being to train on a friend from the former Chicago transit official just like a $2 million consultant lots of which was then funneled compared to that official Martin O’Malley the contractor introduced in October 2014 court filings he’d plead guilty

The federal government criminal trial of John Bills the prior controlling deputy commissioner within the Us dot is presently searching for The month of the month of january 11 2016

A May 2014 affidavit put together by an FBI special agent signifies that Bills likely used several of these funds to purchase and store a spead boat buy a vehicle buy an addition for his Michigan cabin purchase his girlfriend’s mortgage pay their very own mortgage pay his kids’ schools and rehearse the divorce lawyer throughout the time of numerous years

Further Reading through through

High-paid out consultant to plead guilty in Chicago red-colored-colored light camera situation

Guy was paid out $2M which was mostly sent onto a friend who bought an automobile boat

A 2013 Redflex document claims that two employees paid for vacation-related expenses for Bills not under 17 different excursions from 2003 through 2010 which incorporated hotels travel arrangements vehicle rental fees golf games and meals together with a pc The whole value was around $20000 Karen Finley was v . p . of methods at Redflex from 2001 until late 2005 then she was promoted to Boss from 2006 until February 2013

Finley could address five years jail time she’s also set to get sentenced in the separate but related situation in Ohio where she also pled guilty in June 2015

In line with the Chicago Tribune “under the regards to Finleys plea agreement with prosecutors whatever sentence enforced on her behalf account in Chicago would run concurrent for the term passed on inside the Ohio case

In December 2013 Ars reported on red colored colored light cameras country wide especially Redflexs four cameras inside the central California capital of scotland Modesto

Katrina and Its Recovery Cost More for These 3 Groups of People

Excerpted with permission in the Disaster Profiteers: How Disasters Result in the Wealthy More potent and also the Poor Even Lesser by John C Mutter Offered by Palgrave Macmillan Trade Copyright © 2015(Scientific American and Palgrave Macmillan are members of Holtzbrinck Posting Group)

When everything had quieted lower in New Orleans after Katrina there have been lots of people itchiness to make use of the chance presented through the razing from the city to provide New Orleans a transformation A make-over plan which was incorporated inside a report in the Committee for any Better New Orleans grew to become a beginning point For the majority of the organizers a brand new Orleans transformation meant altering the census around the architecture and city layout That’s actually what is happening

One individual who anticipated demographic change was John Logan a professor of sociology at Brown College He used the assessment of harm groups through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in New Orleans to correlate the extent of harm with socioeconomic indications asking essentially who experienced probably the most Logan’s conclusions: “The storm’s impact was disproportionately borne through the region’s Black community by individuals who leased their houses by poor people and unemployed In most cases probably the most affected people fell into all groups concurrently The finest single disparity was by race Logan’s analysis demonstrated the populations of the very most broken areas “were 458 percent black in comparison to 264 percent in undamaged areas Quite simply being Black managed to get almost two times as likely that the dwelling could be seriously broken

Under annually following the storm in May 2006 Logan thought by what the “new New Orleans might seem like He reasoned when repopulation wasn’t allowed in regions which were heavily broken (something which had been spoken about at that time and recommended by many people of my co-workers within the natural sciences) the town would lose 50 % of their whitened citizens and most 80 % of their black population The ultimate sentence of his paper reads: “This is the reason why the ongoing question concerning the hurricane is that this: whose city is going to be reconstructed?

Because it switched out Logan wasn’t quite right concerning the rates but he’d the best idea What went down in New Orleans…involved simply being proper about not doing anything The very first make an effort to reshape New Orleans came right after the storm Known as Bring New Orleans Back or BNOB it had been the merchandise of the advisory panel handpicked by Mayor Ray Nagin Probably the most influential person around the panel was real estate mogul Frederick Canizaro Like a lot of his co-workers up high within the New Orleans elite he seen the harm towards the city triggered by Katrina being an chance He expressed it by doing this: “I think there exists a clean sheet to begin again and knowning that clean sheet we’ve got some very large possibilities Others weren’t as sensible Richard H Baker 10-term Republican representative from Baton Rouge was cited through the Wall Street Journal as saying “We finally cleared up public housing in New Orleans We couldn’t get it done but God did

Right after he published a kind of retraction and rewording stating that he was misquoted and just what he “remembered indicating was “we happen to be trying for many years to wash up New Orleans public housing to supply decent housing for citizens and today it appears as though God is finally causing us to be get it done

I question if Joe Canizaro understood of Haussmann or even the publish-disaster master organizers in Tokyo, japan and Bay Area I doubt it but he was following within their path The logic is within brief the most broken areas would be the that appears to be broken again (for the similar reasons these were badly broken to begin with) therefore the best factor to complete is strip people from individuals areas Which will keep people safe Despite the fact that they may not wish to be moved out it’s for his or her own good

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More Science: Baby Chicks Mental Number Line Appears Like Ours

Within an article in Mother Johnson Mike Davis contended the New Orleans elite had lengthy been anxious to get rid of the “problem individuals from the town and informs us that certain French Quarter landowner talking with Der Spiegel stated The hurricane drove the indegent and crooks from the city so we hope it normally won’t return You are able to only imagine that which was stated nowadays on New Orleans’ tony Audubon Drive US housing secretary Alphonso Jackson predicted the city was “not likely to be as black because it was for any very long time when again It appeared a lot more like a wish than the usual conjecture

The Washington Publish cited then Republican House Speaker J Dennis Hastert promoting bulldozing a part of New Orleans and Republican senator Ron Santorum recommending that people ought to be punished for “ignoring pre-storm evacuation orders as though being eliminated from their houses and in to the Superdome weren’t punishment enough

In New Orleans race performed a determining role in hurricane mortality too though it didn’t look this way in the beginning What separated itself most strongly within the initial statistics of deaths from Katrina could be that the seniors were particularly in danger of retrospect that hardly sounds novel however it did catch people unexpectedly due to the fact the proportions were excessive-about 75 % from the deceased were over 60 and up to 50 % were over 75 That’s quite different from the representation of this 60-plus age bracket within the population

That which was more surprising in the initial impression was that black everyone was underrepresented within the deaths in accordance with their amounts within the New Orleans population overall This appeared especially so because of the racial makeup of individuals struggling with warmth and difficulty after running towards the Superdome This fact brought some bloggers to gleefully claim that race wasn’t an problem in Katrina’s lethal blow Freelance journalist Trina Youthful even authored articles entitled “Everything You Understood about Hurricane Katrina Was Wrong

But sufferers of problems and children of problems will not have a similar census Actually you may well expect these to differ-children ought to be more youthful and more powerful in a position to go swimming or climb to some roof Individuals who couldn’t would become sufferers Why were black citizens underrepresented within the dying toll?

Both of these findings are really linked First if seniors individuals are overrepresented one of the deceased sufferers you need to request concerning the racial mixture of the seniors That’s things i did initially when i first checked out the dying statistics and just what Patrick Sharkey noted within the Journal of Black Studies in 2007 It doesn’t take lengthy to understand that one of the seniors whitened individuals are overrepresented particularly seniors women Generally women outlive males and whitened people outlive black people There simply were more seniors whitened people for Katrina to look for than seniors black people Sharkey made the adjustment for that initial population figures and located what many people suspected that “race was deeply suggested as a factor within the tragedy of Katrina

Tunisia beach attacker had help

The gunman who wiped out 38 in a beach close to the Tunisian town of Sousse had assist in undertaking the attack authorities say

Interior ministry spokesperson Mohamed Ali Aroui stated government bodies were certain Seifeddine Rezgui had had accomplices

The federal government has introduced elevated safety measures following the attack stated by Islamic Condition (IS)

On Sunday the BBC found that a minimum of 30 from the dead were in the United kingdom nearly all individuals wiped out

United kingdom everybody that 16 cops happen to be used to Tunisia and 100s more are focusing on the situation within the United kingdom within the biggest counter-terrorism research because the 2005 London bombings

Tunisian researchers believe the suspected accomplices provided the Kalashnikov assault rifle to Rezgui and assisted him arrive at the scene Mr Ali Aroui told AP

He added that police were questioning Rezguis father and three roommates although he didn’t say them were suspected of participation within the attack

Neighbours and relatives in Rezguis home town of Gaafour happen to be telling journalists in their shock over his actions

Who might imagine he’d commit this type of horror? uncle Ali Rezgui told Reuters

Maybe he was transformed where he analyzed could it have been something on the web But we simply do not have any solutions he added

Tunisian government bodies say military reservists is going to be used to tourist sites which around 80 mosques charged with inciting violence is going to be closed inside a week

Fridays attack was the most harmful in Tunisias the recent past In March militants wiped out 22 people mainly people from other countries in the Bardo museum within the capital Tunis

Among individuals to date confirmed dead by family or buddies are:

Who have been the British sufferers?

Tunisia gunman relatives horrified

One Belgian and something German have to date been recognized one of the dead the Tunisian health ministry stated

One citizen from the Irish Republic can also be confirmed dead There have been also regarded as Tunisians wiped out within the attack

A minimum of 36 everyone was hurt some seriously

Tunisias economy depends on tourism and you will find fears the recent attacks will deal a significant blow towards the industry

Security authorities stated Rezgui who posed like a swimmer but was transporting a rifle within parasol began shooting around the beach before entering your accommodation Imperial Marhaba ongoing to shoot

The nation has battled to have a development in militant Islamist violence because the overthrow of lengthy-serving ruler Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in this year

61 million

the amount of tourist arrivals to Tunisia in 2014

152% the entire contribution of travel and tourism to Tunisias GDP

473000 the amount of jobs based on travel and tourism (138% of total employment)

Perhaps you have played within the protests? You are able to share your encounters by contacting haveyoursay@bbccouk Please leave a message number if you’re happy to speak with a BBC journalis

EU states must take 40,000 migrants

(nilüfer escort) — The Ecu Commission has known as on EU member states to take 40000 asylum searchers from Syria and Eritrea who land in Italia and A holiday in greece within the next 2 yrs

Germany France and The country would get the most migrants underneath the Commissions latest plan

The thought of using quotas to resettle individuals who’ve managed to get to Europe has triggered debate in certain EU states

The United kingdom government states that it’ll not be a part of this type of system

France The country Hungary Slovakia and Estonia also have all voiced concerns along with a ultimate decision is going to be taken by EU government authorities following a election by MEPs

Denmark has the authority to opt from the plan while Ireland and also the United kingdom can decide whether they would like to subscriber

The program is applicable to Syrian and Eritrean excellent who get to Italia or A holiday in greece after 15 April 2015 The Commission stated it might also affect Malta whether it also faced an abrupt increase of migrants

This really is additionally to moves introduced earlier this year through the EU for any voluntary plan to stay 20000 refugees running conflict who’re presently living outdoors the EU

From the 40000 migrants considered in obvious necessity of worldwide protection the Commission states:

Dimitris Avramopoulos the house matters commissioner stated it wasn’t suggesting the fixing of quotas for migration generally and however it was as much as each member to determine the number of refugees they’ll grant refugee status [to]

We simply propose – so we insist upon that – a good distribution of the concrete quantity of migrants in obvious necessity of worldwide protection over the Eu he stated

Nations would receive €6000 (£4250) for everyone moved on their own territory underneath the latest proposal the commission stated

Greater than 1800 migrants have left within the Mediterranean in 2015 – a 20-fold increase on a single period in 2014

Some 60000 individuals have already attempted to help make the risky crossing this season the Not estimations

Many are attempting to escape conflict or poverty in nations for example Syria Eritrea Nigeria and Somalia

The Commission stated Italia and A holiday in greece were facing a great degree of migration with Italia visiting a 277% increase in irregular border crossings from 2013 to 2014 and A holiday in greece seeing a rise of 153%

Not chief Prohibit Ki-moon has additionally advised Europe to complete more to assist migrants with search-and-save procedures within the Mediterranean to become further increased

Im advocating European leaders to deal with this problem inside a more comprehensive way along with a collective way he stated adding the roots from the condition in nations of origin should also be addressed

But United kingdom Worldwide Development Secretary Justine Greening has declined the ecu Commissions concept of mandatory quotas because she stated it might behave as a pull for additional migrants

French Pm Manuel Valls stated this month that asylum ought to be the right not susceptible to quotas

Earlier this year EU ministers backed plans for any naval pressure to setup to combat smuggling gangs if required by military pressure inside Libyan territorial waters