After guilty plea, former Redflex CEO could face up to five years in prison

The prior Boss of Redflex a substantial red-colored-colored light camera vendor pleaded guilty on Thursday to bribery of Chicago city government bodies incorporated inside a substantial contracting bid

Karen Finley might be the 2nd of three accused to plead guilty to such charges The program wound up being to train on a friend from the former Chicago transit official just like a $2 million consultant lots of which was then funneled compared to that official Martin O’Malley the contractor introduced in October 2014 court filings he’d plead guilty

The federal government criminal trial of John Bills the prior controlling deputy commissioner within the Us dot is presently searching for The month of the month of january 11 2016

A May 2014 affidavit put together by an FBI special agent signifies that Bills likely used several of these funds to purchase and store a spead boat buy a vehicle buy an addition for his Michigan cabin purchase his girlfriend’s mortgage pay their very own mortgage pay his kids’ schools and rehearse the divorce lawyer throughout the time of numerous years

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High-paid out consultant to plead guilty in Chicago red-colored-colored light camera situation

Guy was paid out $2M which was mostly sent onto a friend who bought an automobile boat

A 2013 Redflex document claims that two employees paid for vacation-related expenses for Bills not under 17 different excursions from 2003 through 2010 which incorporated hotels travel arrangements vehicle rental fees golf games and meals together with a pc The whole value was around $20000 Karen Finley was v . p . of methods at Redflex from 2001 until late 2005 then she was promoted to Boss from 2006 until February 2013

Finley could address five years jail time she’s also set to get sentenced in the separate but related situation in Ohio where she also pled guilty in June 2015

In line with the Chicago Tribune “under the regards to Finleys plea agreement with prosecutors whatever sentence enforced on her behalf account in Chicago would run concurrent for the term passed on inside the Ohio case

In December 2013 Ars reported on red colored colored light cameras country wide especially Redflexs four cameras inside the central California capital of scotland Modesto

Lawyer assassinated in Mozambique

(Antep Escort) — Gilles Cistac had labored being an agent to many government ministries

A prominent constitutional lawyer has died after being shot outdoors a coffee shop within the Mozambican capital Maputo

Gilles Cistac of French origin would be a character inside a sensitive debate about autonomy for Mozambiques provinces and decentralising energy

He stated that this type of move – a requirement from the opposition Renamo party – could be constitutional

Maputo Central Hospital director Joao Fumane stated Mr Cistac died after four hrs of surgery

Earlier a spokesperson for Leader Filipe Nyusi stated the federal government considered the shooting a macabre act and strongly condemned it

What the law states professor was an essential estimate Mozambiques society and also the interior ministry have been advised to obtain the gunmen and punish them Antonio da Costa Gaspar told reporters

Mr Cistac would be a naturalised Mozambican citizen of French origin who’d resided and labored in the united states since 1993 based on the condition-run Mozambique News Agency (Goal)

A professor of law at Mozambiques College of Eduardo Mondlane he’d labored through the years being an agent to many government ministries

During the last couple of years there has been fears of restored conflict in Mozambique after Renamo an old digital rebel group withdrew from the 1992 peace deal that ended a 16-year civil war

Renamo decided to a ceasefire a couple of several weeks before last years polls however stated the elections were fraudulent

Its MPs only agreed to consider their seats after Mr Nyusi the recently chosen leader advised these to pursue their ambitions of autonomy through parliament

The opposition party garners the majority of its support within the north and center of the nation – its candidate Afonso Dhlakama required 36% from the presidential election in October

Hunt for IS killers in Kassig video

Maxime Hauchard went to Syria in August 2013, French authorities believe

Western intelligence officials are trying to identify Islamic State (IS) militants seen in the video that shows the beheading of US aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig and 18 Syrian prisoners.

Abdul Rahman Kassig is being mourned as a fallen hero by Syria’s opposition, the BBC’s Frank Gardner reports

The IS video shows a masked man standing over a severed head, which the White House confirmed was Mr Kassig’s.

He was captured by IS, which controls large parts of Syria and Iraq, in October 2013 while travelling to Deir Ezzour in eastern Syria.

His parents, Ed and Paula, from Indiana, said in a statement they were heartbroken by his death

We are incredibly proud of our son for living his life according to his humanitarian calling, they said. We will work every day to keep his legacy alive as best we can

US Secretary of State John Kerry said in Washington leaders assume that the world will be too intimidated to oppose them. But let us be clear: We are not intimidated

The latest IS video also shows the beheading of 18 Syrian captives, who are identified as army officers and pilots. They are said to have been taken from Tabqa air base last August. They are mostly from the Alawite religious sect and come from Latakia and Tartous, according to UK based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Unlike previous videos released by IS, the latest shows the faces of many of the militants and specifies its location – Dabiq in Syria’s Aleppo province.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins identified Maxime Hauchard as appearing in the video

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said earlier that Hauchard, who was born in 1992 and was originally from the Eure region, “had gone to Syria in August 2013 after a stay in Mauritania in 2012

Hauchard told French TV station BFM via Skype in July that he was in Raqqa in Syria and had joined IS, adding: “The personal objective of everyone here is shahid (martyrdom). That is the greatest reward

Hauchard’s uncle told French TV on Monday I can’t believe it was he who cut anyone’s head off. It’s not possible. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was a calm and happy little boy

Mr Molins said another Frenchman could be among the militants but that it had not yet been confirmed

In Britain, Muthana’s father, Ahmed, initially said it was his son, but then said the images were blurry and he was not sure

He now says that although he has not seen the footage, he is able to confirm it is not his son from images he has seen

Mr Muthana told the BBC It doesn’t look like him, much difference. This one’s got a big nose, my one has a flat nose

Nasser Muthana appeared in an IS video in June that was aimed at recruitment

The man in question stands to the right of another man, who is suspected to be British militant nicknamed “Jihadi John”. This man is dressed in black with a balaclava, while the rest of the militants wear army fatigues

Jihadi John has been shown in previous IS videos of the beheadings of the other Western hostages: Britons Alan Henning and David Haines, and US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff

Abdul-Rahman Kassig

Former soldier and idealist

Kassig’s emotional letters home

Fate of Air France at stake in row

Air France pilots are protesting over the carrier’s expansion of its low-cost business

The fate of Air France is “at stake” in a dispute between the airline and its pilots, according to France’s Transport Minister.

Pilots are protesting over the firm’s plan to develop its budget carrier, Transavia, where pilots are paid less.

Speaking on French radio, Alain Vidalies said the company must expand its low cost business. “I think pilots are fully aware of this,” he said.

The pilots’ strike will enter its second week on Monday.

It is due to run until Friday, but the SNPL pilots’ union has warned it could be extended further if talks fail.

“There must be a positive approach in this situation, otherwise I think that it’s the fate of the company that could be at stake,” Mr Vidalies told France Info radio.

“The low cost [sector] is not a choice, it’s an obligatory move, that’s reality. I think pilots are fully aware of this,” he said.

The airline estimates the strike, which started last Monday, is costing up to 15m euros (£12m) a day.

On Monday Air France expects to operate 41% of its flights.

The union has called on the French government to intervene and help resolve the dispute.

“Talks have reached a complete impasse,” the SNPL said in a statement.

“Management is playing for time, waiting for the movement to weaken.”

One in 10 girls sexually abused – UN

About one in 10 girls had experienced rape or sexual assault by the age of 20, the UN says

About 120 million girls around the world – slightly more than one in 10 – have been raped or sexually assaulted by the age of 20, a UN report says.

Women make up half the world, but do we really hear their stories?

The study revealed that about six out of 10 children aged between two and 14 were subjected to physical punishment from their carers on a regular basis.

One in three girls, aged between 15 and 19, who had at some time been in cohabiting relationships, had been victims of emotional, physical or sexual violence committed by their husbands or partners, the report said.

Partner violence appeared to be particularly prevalent in countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the report said.

Of the countries surveyed, nearly half of all girls aged 15-19 believed that a husband was justified in hitting his wife under certain circumstances, the study added.

Meanwhile, homicide was reported as the leading cause of death in boys and men aged 10-19 in many Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Panama, Brazil and Colombia.

Nigeria had the highest number of child homicides – 13,000, while the US had the highest homicide rate among countries in Western Europe and North America.

Research showed that violence was “detrimental to all aspects of a child’s growth… with sometimes lifelong repercussions,” the report said.

It noted that while there had been growing recognition in recent years about the impact of violence against children, it largely remained underreported and undocumented.

The report stressed that violence against children in some countries remained socially accepted or tacitly condoned, and quite often victims were too afraid to report the abuse.

Never before have so many statistics been gathered from so many different countries, and together they have produced a grim global audit of violence against children, the BBC’s Nick Bryant at the UN says.

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Jasper Johns aide in $6.5m art theft

Johns is known for his use of flags in his art

An assistant of American painter Jasper Johns has pleaded guilty to selling artworks worth $6.5m (£3.9m) he stole from the artist’s studio

James Meyer, 52, stole 22 artworks deemed not completed by Johns and sold them to buyers who agreed they would be kept private for eight years.

Johns, 84, is known for his use of flags and numbers in his art.

Meyer, who faces up to 10 years in prison, was an assistant in Johns’ Connecticut studio for 25 years.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of interstate transportation of stolen property and admitted moving the art works from the studio to an art gallery in Manhattan from 2006 to 2011.

“James Meyer made millions by stealing and selling the valuable artworks that he was entrusted with maintaining,” prosecutor Preet Bharara said in a statement.

“With his guilty plea today, Meyer will now have to pay for that decision.”

Meyer told a gallery owner nearly two dozen incomplete works had been personal gifts from Johns, and provided fake documentation.

He also created fake inventory numbers and pages in a ledger book of registered Johns artwork to further assure the gallery owner the works were authorised.

The gallery sold the works for $6..5m, with Meyer eventually receiving $3.4m.